Welcome to Madame Liberty, proud retailers of sexy lingerie and designer sex toys. Our name should tell you a lot about us; we endeavour to set you free from the restraints of everyday life.

We aim to provide you with sexy lingerie which can ignite your senses, whether it is cheeky and playful or strict and domineering. Sexy lingerie needs to be just that, sexy. The pieces we have to offer will drive both you and your partner’s imagination wild, and by seeking out some of the finest lingerie designers, Madame Liberty is been able to sell delectable pieces to suit everyone.

Although lingerie is one of our biggest passions, we do have another, sex toys. At Madame Liberty we do not associate ourselves with the sleazy and derogatory sex toys that seem to have infiltrated the industry in recent years. We are committed to upholding incredibly high standards by only offering high quality sex toys and play things to our customers. Madame Liberty works with respected manufacturers such as Lelo, Pico Bong, Jimmyjane, Tenga and Iclcles to ensure that women and men are receiving the most stimulating and exciting toys without any tackiness.

We are thrilled to offer our customers a completely irresistible range of lingerie, from the popular pink frill designs right through to the more niche items. Madame Liberty is happy to stock a wide range of lingerie, whether it is a pair of panties, a bra, corset, or stockings. We are always confident that our customers will love their lingerie so much that they will return time and time again.

Being glamorous is not only about what people can see on the outside but also how you feel on the inside. It can be electrifying to know that underneath your clothes you're wearing exotic and sensual lingerie, which has you walking tall all day. Who says sexy lingerie has to be for a partner?  The tantalising fabrics and excitement can also be for you to enjoy.

Choosing the perfect sex toy can sometimes be difficult, rather than rushing out and grabbing the first one you see, take your time to find the right one for you, your needs and your lifestyle. Madame Liberty sells a number of luxurious sex toys which have been crafted to tease and pleasure, but we understand every person will enjoy something different.

Sex toys are not designed to replace people but simply enhance your sex life, both alone and with a partner. Designer sex toys are a far cry from the tacky and distasteful ones that have saturated the market, they have been crafted to remain elegant and charming. Madame Liberty select sex toys that aim to satisfy customers with their performance and deliver ultimate pleasure and passion.

Madame Liberty is spurred on by the satisfaction of our customers, not only in the bedroom but also with the products and service we provide. We offer a tantalising range of sexy lingerie and designer sex toys, with the intention of relighting the passion inside of you.

We are well aware of how important your privacy is and promise to never take advantage of that. Every Madame Liberty delivery will arrive with discreet packaging so that nosy neighbours, friends or family members are not let into your private life without your permission. Whatever your budget, personality, and attitude towards sex, we will ensure that you receive the Madame Liberty treatment.




Designer Sex Toys & Sexy Lingerie from Madame Liberty

 Hello! Welcome to Madame Liberty, supplier of sexy lingerie and designer sex toys. Our website is designed to be a place where you can feel at home, explore your adventurous side, and order some new and exciting things.

Madame Liberty has a number of collections to choose from, all of which are delivered in discreet packaging as to not give away your secret. We want you to feel comfortable when shopping with us, and so take your privacy very seriously.

One of our ranges is the Baci Lingerie collection, which offers stylish pieces to suit every personality. The Let’s Play collection is bright and colourful with a cheeky side, or you might feel more at home with the Like a Devil collection, designed to be sultry and revealing. Click here to review the entire Baci range.

Our Pleasure State Lingerie range is emblematic of ultimate luxury. Pleasure State embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality and has developed several distinctive collections, Pleasure State Couture, the signature collection, Pleasure State White Label, the diffusion collection and Pleasure State VIP, the fashion collection for women with a voluptuous bust.

Madame Liberty also stock the best designer sex toys on the market.  Our most popular sex toys are those created by luxury sex toy designers from Lelo, Jimmyjane, PicoBong and TENGA. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, for him, for her, or for you both, we have the sex toy to bring pleasure you have never reached before.

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