Anal Toys

Anal Plugs

There are many different types of anal plugs, they come in different sizes, shapes and colours, but they generally have a similar form. Most anal plugs have flanged end and are designed to be held in the anus throughout sexual intercourse or during foreplay.

The main benefit to using an plug is that is heightens the sexual experience as it adds a completely new dimension to sex. Anal plugs can be worn by a male or female during sexual intercourse and are the perfect addition to any bedroom.

If you do not have much experience of anal toys it is a good idea to start with some of the more traditional and smaller plugs before venturing on to more extravagant toys. Some plugs can also come with vibration functions.

  • Excellent for use during sexual intercourse
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Vibrating models are also available

Anal Beads

Anal beads are one of the most popular types of sex toy for anal play due to their flexibility and the range of sensations they are able to create. Anal beads are a string of beads tied together by a flexible shaft or string upon which the beads are threaded. The beads can range in size, design and shape, from standard smooth balls to more extreme versions with ridges or studs.

The beads are designed to heighten the sexual experience with a partner, they can be inserted into either or both partners during vaginal intercourse and foreplay. For intense pleasure the anal beads should be removed as you climax or repeatedly inserted and removed throughout intercourse.

If you are new to anal beads Madame Liberty would recommend selecting a smaller set of beads with a very flexible string or spine. It is also important to use a generous amount of lubricant and check the string to ensure it is in a good condition and unlikely to break.

  • Increase the strength of orgasm
  • Range of materials for anal beads
  • Small beads ideal for first timers
  • Huge range of bead designs and flexibilities

Anal Vibrators & Dildos

Anal vibrators and dildos are designed to be specifically used in the anus, and are similar to their vaginal counterparts but are often more tapered and have a flanged base. These additional features make anal vibrators and dildos much more comfortable and easier to use than being forced to use a vaginal one.

Anal vibrators and dildos come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from small anal plugs through to large phallic dildos, and from standard dildos through to sophisticated vibrating models. Don’t forget to stay within your limits for a comfortable and thrilling experience, and if you are a first time user select a small and narrow anal toy.

Although there is a small element of risk attached to the use of any sex toy, anal sex toys are more likely to have complications than vaginal ones. Anal sex toys are designed to be fun and exciting and when used safely they can enhance your sexual pleasure, but it is important to remember the dangers in order to prevent any damage to the rectal passage.

  • Designed specifically for anal use
  • Much safer and more comfortable than vaginal toys
  • Standard dildos and vibrating models available
  • Huge range of shapes, sizes and materials




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