Vibrators are globally recognised as the toy of choice. Something you may not know is that each vibrator has a unique set of talents, distinguishing it from the next (they are not all they same!) and employ a one size fits all system.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, so there will be one out there perfect for you! Read all about each one below.


Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours, yet the basic phallic shape is the most popular type. Classic vibrators are usually quite slim and smooth, making them the perfect choice for someone just starting to experiment with sex toys. This type of vibrator will provide hours of pleasure and enjoyment even for the most seasoned user. It’s not only women that can benefit from classic vibrators, men can also receive enhanced pleasure by simply holding the vibrator against them, rather than venturing into invasive toys.

  • A wide range of different sizes, including both length and girth
  • Very easy to operate
  • Perfect for first-timers and shier males
  • Classic vibrators usually come with just one speed
  • Different colours and patterns available


The ‘rabbit’ vibrator is one of the most famous around the world, its bunny ears are instantly recognisable, and associated with well-respected brands. The problem is that not all rabbit vibrators are manufactured to the same high standard as those from Madame Liberty, some are still cheap and vulgar copycat designs.

Rabbit vibrators are designed exclusively for women and have a format which makes them unique. There is a shaft for internal use, which, depending on the model, may vibrate, pulse, or rotate. There is also the bunny ears which sit towards the middle of the vibrator and provide the clitoris with additional stimulation.

  • Large range of models, designs, sizes and shapes
  • Simple to operator and use
  • Designed for solo use but can still be used with a partner
  • Provides stimulation clitoris and internal vagina


Finding your g-spot can be really difficult at times, and in some cases women don’t even have one! G-spot stimulation is not enjoyed by everyone, so if you find that sort of penetration uncomfortable you’re not the only one. However, for those that do enjoy g-spot stimulation, these vibrators are excellent, as they hit that sweet spot every time. G-spot vibrators usually have a very simple design with a slightly curved end which is specifically designed to hit that special area, they often come as both vibrators and standard toys. G-spot vibrators are also a firm favourite for males who like to use them for their prostate gland or P-spot.

  • Wide variety of sizes, designs, and colours
  • Designed to hit the G-spot
  • Suitable for men to find their P-spot
  • Very easy to use


The first sex toy to hit the shelves was the dildo. This very traditional sex toy comes in a huge variety shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Sizes can differ greatly in girth and length, so it’s important to know the sort of the size you are comfortable using. There is not one ‘normal’ size, the dildo that you like is completely down to you, or you and your partner.

Dildos are sometimes standalone sex toys, but others are designed to attach to a strap-on harness which holds it in place without the use of your hands. Anal dildos also have this flanged base to ensure that they can be easily removed.

Although Madame Liberty never judges a person by their sexual activities and preferences, we are well aware that most of our customers would not be looking for a monster dildo. For this reason we stock both sensible and safe sizes and shapes, but what you choose is completely up to you.




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