Sexy lingerie has long been a favourite bedroom accessory of both men and women.

Whether intended as a seductive surprise for him or a sexy gift for her, lingerie can always bring that extra little bit of spice to your relationship.

For a woman, wearing lingerie can undoubtedly be empowering; you look great so you feel great and your inhibitions can be lost as you explore hidden fantasies with your man.

When a man sees his partner wearing sexy lingerie, that she has especially bought for his eyes only, his excitement can know no bounds.

However, wearing such intimate pieces of clothing need not just be limited to fulfilling your man’s desires. When you are the only one who knows what you’ve got on under your everyday clothing, the feeling of empowerment can be just as striking.


Whether you spend all day behind a desk in a stuffy trouser suit or if you’re a stay at home mum, and always dressed for purpose, having that sexy something under your clothes can add some much needed pleasure to your day. Even though no one else can see the erotic under garments that you’ve chosen for yourself, you begin to feel naughty and desirable.

The excitement that is bound to come hand in hand with these feelings leads you to act more confident in your encounters with others and your day can become exhilarating. When you feel good about yourself, this becomes evident in your behaviour and others are sure to pick up on it. As you become more positive and your attitude changes for the better you’ll soon see positive changes in other aspects of your life!

There are no limits to how daring your new wardrobe beneath your wardrobe can become. Perhaps you start with a simple lacy bra and before long you’ve got a silk thong for every day of the week. You may even begin to feel brave enough to shop for a beautiful new corset to really accentuate your curves. Our attitudes towards our own body can sometimes lead to very negative thought patterns which in turn can cause unhappy behaviour.

When it comes to feeling good about yourself confidence is the key that can really make massive differences in your everyday life. Doing things like this for yourself can really give you a much needed boost when you need it most, also if you are coming home to your man at the end of the day, or even looking to meet a new one, then your new found sex appeal will be just the thing.

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Designer Sex Toys & Sexy Lingerie from Madame Liberty

 Hello! Welcome to Madame Liberty, supplier of sexy lingerie and designer sex toys. Our website is designed to be a place where you can feel at home, explore your adventurous side, and order some new and exciting things.

Madame Liberty has a number of collections to choose from, all of which are delivered in discreet packaging as to not give away your secret. We want you to feel comfortable when shopping with us, and so take your privacy very seriously.

One of our ranges is the Baci Lingerie collection, which offers stylish pieces to suit every personality. The Let’s Play collection is bright and colourful with a cheeky side, or you might feel more at home with the Like a Devil collection, designed to be sultry and revealing. Click here to review the entire Baci range.

Our Pleasure State Lingerie range is emblematic of ultimate luxury. Pleasure State embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality and has developed several distinctive collections, Pleasure State Couture, the signature collection, Pleasure State White Label, the diffusion collection and Pleasure State VIP, the fashion collection for women with a voluptuous bust.

Madame Liberty also stock the best designer sex toys on the market.  Our most popular sex toys are those created by luxury sex toy designers from Lelo, Jimmyjane, PicoBong and TENGA. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, for him, for her, or for you both, we have the sex toy to bring pleasure you have never reached before.

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